3 Surgeries Becoming Popular with Men

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3 Surgeries Becoming Popular with Men

Plastic or cosmetic surgery has always been highlighted a fairly expensive and primarily advertised to women, but more and more men are coming forward to have their body problems altered. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more affordable as the market becomes filled to surgeon offering better prices, but what are men getting done? Here’s a look at 3 of the most popular surgeries currently on the market for men.

#1: Liposuction

Like women, men can also struggle to lose those last few pounds and liposuction is a way to help. The surgeons will target certain areas of your body whether it’s your stomach (AKA tummy tuck Manchester), legs or chest and it will help remove excess fat that conventional exercise may not be able to. Depending on the amount of fat removed, the bigger procedure may also require the removal of excess skin, as your body hasn’t eased itself into the weight loss.

Breast reduction Manchester based businesses are also becoming more popular with men as this is a common area where men struggle to lose weight.

#2: Facelift

The signs of ageing vary between men and a facelift is an option more men are opting in for in 2019. A facelift targets the areas you are unhappy with and with small incisions, a surgeon will tighten loose muscle to remove the signs of ageing. Commonly, this surgery helps remove wrinkles, bags under eyes and excess skin, for a rejuvenated face.

:3: Nose Surgery

Both shape and size can be very distinguishing for a man and nose surgery is now one of the most popular changes men want to make. It can be a fairly quick procedure and the operation lasts a lifetime, tempting more people to make a change that will make them happier with their appearance. The period straight after Nose surgery is can be very noticeable with bruising and the recovery so speaking to a surgeon about your expectations is essential before making any commitments. All procedures are different so looking online may not give you a definitive answer.